The smart and safe photo platform for healthcare professionals!

PhotoDoc is the ideal solution for healthcare professionals who need to take and manage a large quantity of photos of their patients, in a safe, practical and intelligent way.

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Smart camera

Take better photos of your patients with the exclusive framing templates, standardizing the photos and avoiding distortions.

Use the sensor that demonstrates the angle of the device to take accurate photos.

Take a second photo based on the shadow of a previous photo (ghost photo).

Facial analysis with artificial intelligence

Make sophisticated facial analysis and study the harmony of the face based on lines and proportions automatically calculated by the app.

Horizontal thirds, vertical fifths and eye / mouth ratio are some of the supported facial analysis.

* This feature is only available on the Pro plan.

Before and after collages

Make before and after collages directly in the app.

Choose between different types of layout and define the borders' size and color.

Use the exclusive smart zoom feature, which allows you to zoom directly into the main parts of the face, making collage generation much easier.

Safe and organized photos

Photos are stored securely in the PhotoDoc cloud and are not available in the device's photo gallery. In this way, your patients' photos are separated from your personal photos and do not take up space.

The photos are organized in a list of patients in a practical and simple way, without wasting time. When the patient returns, a simple search by name is enough and you have immediate access to your previous photos.


Add categories and notes to photos and apply filters by category to the list of patients and photos.

You can protect access to the app with biometrics and PIN authentication. This way, whenever the app is opened, after a time without use (configurable), a new authentication will be necessary.

Photos synced across all your devices

Use PhotoDoc on as many devices as you want, simultaneously. Just install the app on all your devices and sign in with the same account.

Take photos with your phone and instantly see them on other devices, like tablets and computers.

You will no longer have to worry about saving and organizing files, PhotoDoc already does this in an integrated manner, with complete data security.

PhotoDoc follows all the security and data protection requirements required by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) of European Union, the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) of the United States, and the LGPD (General Data Protection Law) of Brazil. See more information in our Privacy Policy.

All photos in your PhotoDoc account are securely stored in the cloud, and are accessible via our mobile apps and web access. If you give up using PhotoDoc and cancel your subscription, don't worry, your photos will remain available for consultation for up to 6 months. In addition, you can request the extraction of all photos in your account, and we will send you a link for a file to be downloaded. After we receive confirmation that the photos have been successfully downloaded, they will be removed from the PhotoDoc cloud.

Subscription plans

We offer different plans according to the number of photos stored in PhotoDoc. The facial analysis feature is only available on the Pro plan.

All plans are monthly subscriptions and it is possible to cancel or change the plan at any time. Payment is made directly through the app, through the stores from Apple (App Store) or Google (Play Store).

In all plans it is possible to install and use the app simultaneously on multiple devices, by using the same login. In this way, the healthcare professional and its team can work together.

Reference prices in United States Dollars (prices are different for each country where PhotoDoc is available):


50 photos



1,000 photos

$ 9.99
per month


10,000 photos

$ 29.99
per month


100,000 photos
Facial analysis

$ 59.99
per month

* Prices are different for each country where PhotoDoc is available. Check the prices in your country using the app directly.

* Check all conditions of use in our Terms and Conditions.